In order to maintain order and the proper functioning of the network, sanctions ranging from a
Simple blame to sanctions, as well as exclusion from the network with the possibility of legal proceedings are provided for in the following hypotheses:

  • In case of discrimination within the network
  • In the event of non-compliance with the rules governing the network
  • In the event of misappropriation of the use of the network for either personal purposes or of a nature to harm the image of the network or any other form of misappropriation of a nature to harm the proper continuity of the group
  • etc…

The above list of cases is non-exhaustive and it is therefore up to the Committee to rule on the nature of the misconduct and the seriousness of the act committed by the respondent.

If the seriousness of the act is such as to engage the responsibility of the network, the latter (the network) reserves the right to sue the respondent directly.

The legislation governing the network is that in force at the place of domicile of the registered office.

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