Any association wishing to join the network must first send a motivational e-mail which includes the answer to the questions below:

  1. Mission and vision of your association and/or personality and/or activity ;
  2. Legal structure and governance ;
  3. Describe how your activities contribute to making Jesus Christ known, spreading the gospel or achieving greater social justice ;
  4. How the network could help you
  5. Say how you could help the network
  6. Present the gospel according to your understanding
  7. Present Jesus Christ according to your understanding
  8. Present the church according to your understanding
  9. Present the Holy Spirit according to your understanding
  10. Say what you think about ecumenism
  11. Say what you think about the abduction
  12. Say what you think of apostasy
  13. Say what you think of the cult of Mary
  14. The place of the Bible in the Life of the Disciple of Jesus Christ and in the life of the Church

The e-mail must also include a commitment to transparency, which allows network members to check that your commitments have been respected, particularly in practice and in your accounts.

The e-mail must be sent to the following address:

As soon as we receive the email, our admissions committee will meet and inform you of our decision. In addition, it may ask you for further information in addition to the remarks and the internal contact e-mail.
In case of acceptance, all the information provided will be published on your page.

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